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do i have cramps or has my appendix exploded

does my boob hurt or am i having a heart attack

am i on my period or do i have internal bleeding

these are our struggles

Thinking of dirty thoughts and getting an erection in awkward situations

The struggles of a man

boo hoo

thinking of my naked grandma isnt going to suck the blood back into my vagina

you need an award right now


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The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s.

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Gordon Ramsay is my favorite.

i just want to hug all of them

Fun story. I cooked for this dude, once. I did my kitchen apprenticeship at the family-style restaurant of one of New Zealand’s premiere chefs, and he knew Ramsay really well. He was in New Zealand for a few weeks, and Martin brought him by the restaurant to check it out. It was right on the beach, fucking gorgeous. I was the only one there (apprentice = bitch work = 4am starting shifts), and they asked me to whip up some breakfast for them. It was SUPER simple, fried fish, eggs cooked in bread, sausages. He was incredibly gracious and kind, asked me to join them (I couldn’t, too much work to do, so they sat at the kitchen window so they could talk to me), and was super interested in hearing about my english grandma, who had taught me how to cook. I won’t hear a single bad word against this man, for all of his kitchen hysterics, he treated me like an equal.

gordon ramsay fandom

If you’re not in the Gordon Ramsay fandom you’re wrong.


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We all await the day that we see this on our sheet music

soft moan through instrument if possible

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Shut. The fuck. Up.

One fire pit to rule them all.

I believe it’s called a Fire Ring.

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got this snapchat from my friend in japan

fuck me with these condoms or don’t fuck me at all

I have mixed feelings on this

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people are leaving comments and tags on my elsa/dany metrocon fiasco post like “omggg even I KNEW she wasn’t SUPPOSED TO B ELSA LOL EVERYONEs SO STOOPID”

congrats you’re smarter than a bunch of five year old girls. please come to the front to collect your Human Trash Asshole award and take it back into the trash where you live in the nasty ass bottom of the dumpster in the trash ass juice

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So my test got postponed to Thursday



Great for me because I can study a little more but holy hell was my teacher pissed.  The reason it got postponed was because the copy room gave him his order wrong.  When he noticed, he was so angry.  Like, started cursing in Spanish angry.  And I was just like

I’m crying he sent us an email, stating he had a “talk” (literally put it in quotations) with ITS. You know they dead.